10 Valuable Websites and Tools for Indie Hackers

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Published on February 2nd, 2024

A couple years ago I created WebsiteHunt, it's a newsletter that goes every Saturday and showcases the best websites you didn't know.

I've been adding and moderating the site long enough that I can build a valuable list of websites and tools for indie hackers and solo founders. I use many of the tools myself, sometimes on a daily basis. And very often, I find them BY moderating the website submissions.

1. Google Indexing Script

Want to get your site indexed on Google? Use this script. It is a free, open-source tool that does something valuable enough that multiple SaaS and Indie Hackers are making paid services for it. This service is useful because it appears that google is indexing less pages than before unless they have a backlink or you requested indexing. This might be due to waves of AI generated pages popping up.

Index your pages

2. User Persona Generator

Traditionally, personas are built by having humans guess. You know who is better at guessing than humans? AIs. Because they are probabilistic, they are more like data driven guesses on those tasks. They are also more likely to return a realistic persona.

Generate probabilistic personas

3. BlackMagic

This tool is made by an indie hacker, for indie hackers. It levels up your Twitter experience with a lot of metrics to get feedback and improve your Twitter strategy.

Get stats out of your X usage

4. How to say no

This one is not strictly a website or an app but it has been posted and is highly relevant to indie hackers that need to be mindful of their time.

Say no more often

5. DoNotPay

This one is fun, fight big corporations and bureaucracies with AI. Highly relevant for Indie Hackers just starting that might not have a huge budget and can't afford to overpay for things.

Stop overpaying

6. Heroicons

Simple minimalist SVG icons beautifully designed by the hands behind Tailwind CSS. No need to import libraries or images, just copy and paste a small code snippet right into your HTML.

Copy SVG icons

7. Johnny - Persuade LLMs to Jailbreak each other

Have you ever needed ChatGPT to generate something but faced a refusal? Most people do. A lot of jailbreaks are posted to WebsiteHunt often. Here is a cool one that explores how you can use an LLM to craft a prompt that will convince another LLM to answer anything.

Coerce LLMs into answering you

8. Hive Index

Indie hackers need to be part of communities. Most are hanging out around Indie Hackers website, X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit but there are a lot more communities indexed and showcased in Hive Index.

Browse communities

9. Atlas Icons

Atlas Icons is a free and open-source library, containing 2,300+ pixel perfect icons. I love that you can just copy and paste the SVG into your HTML. I used Heroicons almost exclusively until someone submitted that to WebsiteHunt.

More icons for your clipboard

10. Habo

Last but not least, an open source habit tracker. Tracking habits and being consistent is crucial when one is self-employed. Habo helps by taking the broken streaks of habits you want to keep. They have the useful feature of allowing you to miss one day every now and then without breaking the streak.

Start a streak

That’s it for now, the hardest part of making this list was to select only ten, out of hundreds of good candidates like Damn good tools, Indie Goodies, and many more. To never miss a valuable free tool, make sure to subscribe to the free newsletter from any page on websitehunt.co

Originally written for indiehackers.com

Thank you for reading.